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Rules of conduct for parents in sport

Mennesker som elsker å utøve sin sport
Mennesker som elsker å utøve sin sport
Mennesker som elsker å utøve sin sport
Mennesker som elsker å utøve sin sport

Various rules of conduct offer guidance about the desired behaviour of parents in sport. It’s desirable that parents and guardians are good supporters and role models for their children, while also being aware of their own role in sport. Your commitment and involvement will have a major impact on your child and the surrounding environment.


Rules of conduct for parents in sport

Being a parent or guardian in sport deals with being a good supporter of your child and being conscious of your role and contribution in the sport.  The joy of sport for all involves being conscious of your role as an adult and as a role model for children. These 19 rules of conduct are designed to offer guidance about the type of sports parents we want in sport.

1. Appreciate the fact that the club provides activities for your child and other children in the local area.

2. The joy of sport is the joy of being active. This is the most important thing we can develop and do with our children.

3. Be a positive contributor for your child, the club and the sport in general. Remember you are also part of the club.

4. Let children be children. Have adult conversations with the adults.

5. Familiarize yourself with the rules, guidelines and regulations that apply for the sport. These can vary from sport to sport.

6. Participate in parent meetings, voluntary work and other activities organised by the club.

7. Attend the matches/competitions and practices. You are important for your child, the other players/participants and the environment.

8. Offer encouragement to everyone when things are going well and not so well. Everyone has a responsibility for helping to create the environment we want to be part of.

9. Let the coach be the coach. Have a constructive dialogue with the coach and the club.

10. Fair Play involves creating awareness about how we behave in various roles towards each other, both on and off the sports arena.

11. As an adult in sport, it’s important to be a good role model through your attitudes and behaviour.

12. Help your child create positive attitudes about himself/herself and his/her teammates.

13. Focus on achievements and learning – not just results.

14. You can receive training and attend courses about various aspects of sport through the club. Please contact the club for more info.

15. Contribute to ensuring that everyone who does a job for the club has a pleasant and easy job.

16. Keep an eye out for children/families who need help with transport and equipment, etc.

17. Consider reuse and the environment when it comes to sports equipment.

18. Contribute to ensuring that the price level of the equipment and activity is appropriate for your child’s age and needs.

19. Your engagement for your child in sport can also make a major difference for you as a parent.

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